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Got another Tip from Free Money Making System on how to make a sale on click bank .Its all going round without spending a dime and step by step. Ok lets go inside. 

* Here I want to inform you that my Google+ account is crashed/suspended due to lot of spammers posting on my board - this account contains whole 5000 targeted members*

I'll make it fast - stay with me till end , this is going to work. And Our Sources are - 

First - Log In to Click-bank and get good and profitable product or service . you can go for product having average gravity. I mean not high gravity or not low gravity.

Second - Get 10 keywords of your product with low competition and high searches . Ex: If your product is Fatloss Factor - then 10 keywords must be about lose weight.

Third - Create videos with all keywords - this video creation can be done easily and freely. Install Cam studio or Jing - this will simply create videos with screen capture. you can also get Open office and create 4 to 5 slides with some important lines and pictures and record video. 

You can also create slideshow video with YouTube (it is shown in the upload section). OK then Upload your videos and add main keyword in title ,description and tags with other related keywords beating around main keyword. Next, go to channel setting of YouTube account and give main subject keyword (lose weight) as name and also in description too. NOTE: Don't add your Affiliate links.

Fourth - Now on to blogger, open new blogger account ha create 10 blogs with all keywords you have got. For example  if your keyword is "how to lose weight" the your Title should have how to lose weight ( how to lose weight naturally ), your domain should have how to lose weight  ( ) and post title should also contain how to lose weight . The write a blog post beating around your keyword. Add long tail keywords in tag section. NOTE: Don't Add Affiliate Links.  

Then add social sharing buttons to your blog. And also bring the videos related to your keyword "how to lose weight" embedded and past it on sidebar of your blog. before bringing your videos to blogs paste your blog links in the description of your videos. and PUBLISH your blogs.

Fifth - Start pinging your blogs one after other with all pinging services. Do some bookmarking and some high PR back links ( you can get them by linking your blogs to Facebook,twitter,Google+ etc.) Submit to search engines with free services.

Within 2 to 3 days we can see our link in search engines( you can check out this by typing our whole link in the search bar of Google ). Then back to videos and blogs add your affiliate links. In description box of all videos and in your blog posts by editing them. Add beautiful single banner on side bar. Just make your blog look official  and simple. Link up all blogs with one another by placing their links in a post. Do more back-linking,  bookmarking,pinging,blog commenting related to your keywords, search for free stuff on getting PR and social-bookmarking back-links. 

Soon you'll see your some of blogs and maybe videos on first and second pages.Automatically you can get targeted traffic without any effort. Can simply make sales. This is working I had some of my blogs on first page. You can check for this blog "Free Money Making System" . This blog is wandering on 1st and 2nd page. 

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I think this will help you - if you have any questions and wishes regarding above article . you can give a comment below don't hesitate. 

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